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Case Studies

Understanding Insider and External Threats

Organizations face a multitude of data security threats, both external and internal. Server General solutions come to the rescue.
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Empowering Secure Data Movement with Transfer General™ and Platform Equinix®

Transfer General™ and Platform Equinix® form a winning combination for secure and efficient data movement.
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Securing Your Data Journey: A Comprehensive Approach with Transfer General

The importance of data security during migration and the advantages offered by Transfer General
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Why Not Trust The “root” User With Your Data?

Sophisticated cyber attacks target “root” user privileges to steal sensitive data. Server General counters this by denying “root” access with advanced security controls.
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How Does Server General Create Tamper-Resistant Logs?

Server General enhances security by storing audit logs across multiple servers, both within and outside customer control. This distributed logging system thwarts tampering attempts, ensuring integrity and compliance.
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What Are The Main Challenges Associated With Protecting HIPAA Data?

HIPAA and HITECH Acts enforce ePHI security, but healthcare entities struggle with cyber threats and compliance, highlighting the need for third-party encryption solutions.
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