Empowering Secure Data Movement with Transfer General™ and Platform Equinix®

Transfer General™ and Platform Equinix® form a winning combination for secure and efficient data movement.
March 12, 2024


Harnessing the power of data while ensuring its security is a constant challenge. Businesses need efficient and secure solutions to migrate, archive, and share critical information across platforms and collaborate seamlessly with partners. This is where Transfer General™ shines, offering a robust platform powered by Equinix infrastructure for secure and high-speed data movement.

Transfer General™ empowers organizations to:

  • Migrate sensitive data securely: Leverage military-grade encryption at rest and in transit, coupled with high-speed point-to-point connections, to move data seamlessly between cloud platforms or from your data center to the cloud via Equinix’s network.
  • Archive highly regulated data efficiently: Securely store sensitive data in public or private clouds while maintaining control over encryption keys and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Share data collaboratively with confidence: Facilitate secure data sharing with partners through Google Cloud Storage, eliminating bandwidth limitations and maintaining complete control over encryption keys.

Transfer General™: Securing Your Data Journey

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Move data at up to 100 GBps using point-to-point connections, minimizing migration and sharing time, using Equinix’s high-speed network.
  • Data Encryption at Rest: Protect sensitive data with military-grade encryption before, during, and after transfer, safeguarding information even within point-to-point networks.
  • Customer-Controlled Encryption Keys: Maintain complete control over your data's security by managing your own encryption keys, ensuring only authorized personnel can access information.
  • Versatile Cloud Support: Migrate, archive, and share data seamlessly across platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premises data centers such as Equinix.
  • Compliance and Data Sovereignty: Adhere to strict data protection regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS with features like robust encryption and controlled access.

Equinix Infrastructure: Enabling Speed and Efficiency

  • Direct Cloud Connections: Leverage Equinix onramps for dedicated pathways to leading cloud platforms, minimizing data hops and potential security risks.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth and Low Latency: Equinix Fabric® and Network Edge solutions provide dedicated connections, low-latency routes, and geographically diverse options for faster, more reliable data transfers, now supporting speeds up to 100 Gbps.
  • Simplified Management: Reduce complexity with centralized control and visibility through Equinix Network Edge, streamlining your data movement workflows.

A Powerful Partnership for Success

Transfer General™ and Platform Equinix® form a winning combination for secure and efficient data movement. Whether you're migrating massive datasets, archiving critical information, or collaborating with partners, this powerful duo empowers you to achieve your goals with speed, security, and peace of mind.

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