Transparent Encryption

The usual approach to data encryption within a cloud platform is to use a block-level encryption. It may allow you to get data encryption off your to-do list, however, such ad-hoc approaches do not fully address the need for data security. We make use of the encryption capability that is built into the Linux kernel to transparently encrypt data and extend the POSIX based access controls. Our implementation requires no changes to be made to the PostgreSQL client applications.

SG-TDE-MySQL makes it easy to encrypt the MySQL data and helps manage the data encryption keys in accordance with best security practices. It makes use of a high-performance data encryption engine that provides strong encryption for all writes and decryption for all reads. Encryption of data provides protection against theft of media or data images. Any probing of files would only yield blocks of ciphertext.

  • SG-TDE-MySQL uses the AES algorithm to encrypt MySQL data files.
  • Data encryption is performed inside the kernel. 
  • There is less than 2% overall degradation due to encryption.