Server General to offer Data Encryption Service to CenturyLink customers through its Cloud MarketPlace

CenturyLink customers can now encrypt their regulated data stored in a database or a file server in less than 30 minutes right from their CenturyLink console.

New York, NY – March 31, 2016 – Server General, the leading provider of data-at-rest encryption service, announced that it has joined the CenturyLink Cloud Provider Program. Customers who store their sensitive information in a database or file server hosted within CenturyLink’s cloud will now be able to encrypt it quickly from within their management console.

The service helps to address compliance and data breach challenges. “We are taking the pain out of encrypting data,” said Raj Sharma, Founder of Server General. “30 minutes – that’s all it takes for a customer to go from placing an order to getting their data encrypted.” Customers have the option of storing their encryption keys within a global and fully managed cloud key locker or in a secure appliance deployed within their own network. “Encryption is an important mechanism for cloud users, ensuring that they are in full control over who has access to their data,” said David Shacochis, Vice President of platform enablement at CenturyLink, “It’s been amazing to see the innovation in the encryption space over the past few years and how vendor products have evolved.

Server General continues this trend with compelling, robust technology that is easy to deploy and configure using the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace.”

The key benefits:

  • Encrypt data stored in a MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL or a file server in 30 minutes
  • More easily comply with data security requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, FISMA and other regulations
  • Store your encryption keys on-premises or in a cloud locker
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription service; -no contract

The service is available now and starts at $99.99/repository per month (paid annually). The cloud key locker is free and the on-premises key locker is $499.99/month.

About Server General: Server General Inc. provides data encryption Software as a Service to protect regulated sensitive information stored in a Linux database or file server deployed on any cloud platform. The service is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies as well as by startups to encrypt their sensitive data and to achieve regulatory compliance. For more information, please visit

MEDIA CONTACT: Diane Eisele Server General Inc. +1 650.485.1415 [email protected]

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