A Data Encryption Service For Cloud Servers


SG-TDE is a data-at-rest encryption service for sensitive information stored in a database or a file server deployed on any cloud platform - AWS, Azure, CenturyLink, Google, or within your own data center. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure our service.

The SG-TDE service can be used to encrypt data stored in a MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB or a file server. The service is designed to enable regulatory compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR, PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX and FERPA.

Preserve Your Brand Equity

The HIPAA Act requires covered entities to provide public notification upon discovery of a breach of unsecured ePHI (Electronic Patient Health Information) involving more than 500 records. However, ePHI that is secured via encryption does not trigger the breach notification requirement. Server General TDE can help covered entities to gain protection under the Safe Harbor provision of the HITECH Act by helping them transparently encrypt their ePHI stored in a database or a file server, hosted on any cloud platform.

Encrypt Server Data Quickly

It generally takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure Server General TDE. No programming is required to encrypt data. Moreover, you will control your own encryption keys no matter where your servers are hosted.

Lower Your Audit Cost

Server General TDE enables customers to store their log files outside of their administrative control thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination by the interested parties. Auditors are more apt to trust information stored in such log files which in turn could lower the overall cost of an audit.

The data-at-rest encryption service

Server General Data-at-rest

The SG-TDE can help achieve compliance with:

PCI DSS Mandates