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On-Premises Locker

The Server General Locker (SGL), a virtual appliance, that allows you to remain in control of your own keys at all times. The locker has been designed to meet or exceed the following objectives:

  • The encryption keys must be stored away from the encrypted data sets.
  • The key vault must be able to withstand “advanced persistent threats” (APT’s).
  • Only the data owner should be able to make use of the encryption key.
  • The keys must be available when needed.
  • The data owner must be able to rotate keys when needed.
  • The keys should be easily revocable.
  • Revocation of keys should not necessitate decryption/re-encryption of data sets.
  • Each data owner must have their own unique encryption key.
  • The symmetric key used to encrypt data must be 256-bits long.

The SGL has been designed to provide maximum security to the cryptographic material stored in it. Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.