Server General KMS for MySQL

The Key Management Service For MySQL TDE Customers


Quick & Easy Installation
Works With All Cloud Platforms
MySQL Data at Rest Encryption (TDE)
MySQL Encryption Key Management
No Application Level Changes Required
High Performance
Fully Managed & Secure Key Cloud Locker
MySQL Key Rotation
Logs Stored At Multiple Locations
Compliance Report
Protection Against "root" User
MySQL "redo", "undo" and Binary Log Protection
Role Based Management
On-Premises Key Locker Option
SG Administrator Key Rotation
Pay-as-you-go service
# of MySQL master encryption key Stored
Protect MySQL log files
Monthly Subscription
Annual Subscription

Server General KMS for MySQL

On-Premises Locker (optional)
Server General KMS "Paid" Subscription Required
A managed virtual appliance deployed within customer's own network.
Unlimited number of keys can be stored in a single locker.
Monthly Subscription
Annual Subscription

On-Premises Locker