Server General KMS for MySQL

The Key Management Service For MySQL TDE Customers


Server General KMS is built on top of our secure platform, Server General. The core components of our platform are a data encryption engine, a key management engine, an access control engine, and a reporting engine. Each component performs a critical function in securing MySQL Master Key(MMK). Here are the main features of Server General KMS for MySQL.

Managed Service
Server General KMS is a managed service that allows you to control your own encryption keys while we ensure their availability and security.
Works With All Cloud Platforms
Server General KMS allows you to centralize and manage your encryption keys for your database servers spread across distributed cloud platforms - Amazon, Google, Rackspace or within your own data center.
Store Keys On-Premises or Within Our Cloud Locker
The ultimate control resides with you. You will be able to store your encryption keys in a secure appliance deployed on-premises or within our cloud lockers. We encrypt your master encryption key with a key that is only known to you. This way we never have access to the actual encryption key.
24x7 Monitoring & Support
Even though our key lockers are secure and we only store encrypted values of your encryption keys in them but it is important to maintain availability of these critical devices. Our monitoring service allows us to alert you when we see something that could threaten the integrity or availability of your key locker.
Unlike other vendors whose key management solutions can easily cost you thousands of dollars we see ourselves as a no-frills service provider. You can start with our cloud locker for as little as $199/month or deploy a dedicated key locker appliance within your own network for $299.
Server General KMS provides you with a secure location to store your encryption keys using a battle hardened appliance or fully managed key management infrastructure. We use role-based access control mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. All privileged operations are logged at four different locations in order to provide non-repudiation.
Server General KMS allows you to store your encryption key away from your encrypted data sets. You are also able to limit the scope of compliance by deploying the key locker within your own network. We provide key generation, storage, rotation and revocation capabilities.