Server General KMS for MySQL

The Key Management Service For MySQL TDE Customers


Our key management service has been designed to enable you to meet or exceed requirements of the HIPAA/HITECH Act. You will use MySQL TDE to encrypt your electronic medical records (EMR), electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI) and other sensitive data stored in your MySQL database. We'll in turn help you to securely store your MySQL master encryption key away from your MySQL server and provide lifetime key management - we help you generate, store, rotate and revoke your encryption keys.


Data-At-Rest Encryption
Risk Mitigation
Inadvertent disclosure of ePHI

164.312 (a)(2)(iv)

164.312 (e)(2)(ii)



Access Control
Risk Mitigation
Unauthorized access

164.308 (a)(4)(ii)(B,C)

164.308 (a)(5)(ii)(C)

164.312 (a)(2)(i)

164.312 (a)(2)(ii)

164.312 (a)(2)(iii)


Log Management
Risk Mitigation
Unusual system activity

164.312 (b)


Key Management
Risk Mitigation
To avoid a breach of the encryption key

164.312 (a)(2)(iv)

164.312 (e)(2)(i)