Art. 76 – Confidentiality

Art. 76 GDPR Confidentiality The discussions of the Board shall be confidential where the Board deems it necessary, as provided […]

Art. 75 – Secretariat

Art. 75 GDPR Secretariat The Board shall have a secretariat, which shall be provided by the European Data Protection Supervisor. […]

Art. 97 – Commission reports

Art. 97 GDPR Commission reports By 25 May 2020 and every four years thereafter, the Commission shall submit a report […]

Art. 73 – Chair

Art. 73 GDPR Chair The Board shall elect a chair and two deputy chairs from amongst its members by simple […]

Art. 72 – Procedure

Art. 72 GDPR Procedure The Board shall take decisions by a simple majority of its members, unless otherwise provided for […]