About Us

Server General  provides ready-to-deploy secure application server instances to Google Cloud and data center customers so they can easily secure their data and achieve regulatory compliance with GDPR, HIPAA & PCI DSS.

What we do?

We provide ready-to-deploy secure server instances (virtual appliances) for popular open-source application servers such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, SAMBA, and SFTP that can be deployed within a Data Center or on a Cloud platform such as Google Cloud. Our instances are designed to enable regulatory compliance via meaningful data security. 

Why is the solution needed?

Data security and regulatory compliance have become critical issues for private enterprises, public organizations, as well as the government. Managing and securing customer and user data is a growing concern for Information Technology departments, especially when operating in regulated industries. The usual approach to these problems has been to use a commercial off-the-shelf (“COTS”) operating system with disk encryption generally provided by the Cloud Platform provider. Such ad-hoc approaches do not fully address the need for data security. There are significant hurdles that need to be overcome, such as decoupling of the application from the underlying security mechanisms, securing a general-purpose operating system, and tolerating awkward management interfaces. Our approach to solve these issues is to build a purposeful, easy to deploy, fully secure instance that runs a single application server on top of a trimmed down version of a secure operating systemWe use data encryption, advanced access controls and tamper-resistant logging mechanisms to secure data and secure boot and measured boot, a virtual trusted platform module (vTPM), UEFI firmware, and integrity monitoring to secure the virtual instance.

Our solutions allow small to medium sized businesses to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and other regulations/mandates by securing their data without spending a fortune.

What are the main benefits?

Our solutions allow customers to use a single security solution for their hybrid deployments or across multiple cloud platforms in order to secure their critical data. This approach lowers operational costs. Moreover, our customers are able to move from one compute platform to another without having to decrypt their data first or worrying about their data encryption keys.

How do we deliver our solutions?

Our data center customers buy our solutions directly from us and we give them an ISO that can be used to deploy a secure virtual server appliance. Our Google Cloud customers buy our solutions from Google’s Cloud Marketplace and are able to deploy our application server instances in less than 5 minutes . Customers who are interested in securing their data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on Microsoft Azure buy a subscription license directly from us. They install a small binary on their host server and we do the rest.

How did we get here?

We use open-source encryption functionality that is embedded inside the Linux kernel. This open source utility makes use of an encryption file system which was written by our CTO while he was pursuing his Ph.D. at Columbia University. So we are pretty familiar with the inner workings of the Linux encryption utility. We also know its shortcomings. Server General adds the missing functionality and turns the utility into a deployable solution.

What specific value do you add?

We make it easy for our customers to secure their application server data no matter where the server is installed.

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