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GDPR Is Coming, Are You Ready?

The Server General team has presented two web seminars on the GDPR. This presentation will give you a quick overview of the new law with special focus on Articles 32 and 34.

Big News – A New Managed File Transfer Service

Organizations that need to transfer files across geographical boundaries in a GDPR compliant manner will be happy to hear that we’ll be announcing a managed file transfer service. Our file transfer will meet or exceed the security requirements imposed by the GDPR. The service will be delivered with the help dedicated cryptographic appliance deployed within our customer’s own network to limit the scope of compliance.

GDPR Blog Posts

A series of educational blog posts pertaining to the GDPR were released within the past six months. These blog posts discuss the issues with the GDPR and provide recommendations on how to overcome them. These blog posts go beyond technical issues and are certainly worth a read.

New Server General TDE Release

A new Server General TDE release is available now that fixes some serious bugs such as creation of Server General security policies with overlapping data paths. You can update your current Server General TDE release by simply updating your base operating system.

Changelog release 4.0.6 for all the distros

  • Fixed bug: disallow creation of nested Server General data repositories.
    If two Server General policies were created with overlapping data paths, then only the “sgadmin” could log into the machine. A check has been added which disallows the addition of such policies.
  • Fixed bug: Fixed the segmentation fault “da-edit
    When two Server General policies were created with overlapping data paths, users were unable to login with the exception of the “sgadmin” user. A check has been added to disallow the creation of security policies with overlapping data paths.
  • Feature addition – Compliance reports will now have the following dates:
    • Security policies
      • Creation Date
    • Data Administrator (active)
      •  Creation Date
    • Data Administrator (revoked)
      • Creation Date
      • Revoked Date
    • Security Officer
      • Creation Date

New Graphical User Interface Released

We are happy to announce the General Availability (GA) of our Graphical User Interface for Server General TDE. The new user interface makes it easy to add/delete/manage Server General administrators as well as security policies.

New Server General Appliance Coming Soon

We are very excited to tell you that in the near future we’ll be releasing a completely new version of the Server General appliance for MySQL and for files. More on this later.


Thank you for being a valued Server General customer. As part of our commitment to keeping you up-to-date on information regarding the security of personal data, we want to let you know that we’ve made changes to our privacy policy. You can learn more about our updated privacy policy by visiting us here. If you’re interested in hearing from us, then please click the “Yes” button at the bottom of this email.

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